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Reviewed by Adam J S.

Bill is extremely knowledgeable and will to answer any questions with detail

Reviewed by Denise C R.

Bill goes above and beyond to provide prompt and professional service! He has always provided us with great friendly advise on our personal situations!

Reviewed by Richard E R.

Bill is very pleasant and understands our needs Thank you Bill for all your hel

Reviewed by Diana S V.

They helped me out and they took great care of me

Reviewed by Kenneth M.

We work together to get the necessary documentation that was needed go close the loan in a neat process.

Reviewed by Michael C D.

Bill Saunders and his entire team were very clear with their requests, and they made the entire mortgage process significantly easier. Bill was available 24/7 and always went above and beyond for us. We will be referring people to Republic State Mortgage going forward because of Bill!

Reviewed by Kelly A D.

Bill was very responsive to all our questions!

Reviewed by Warren R W.

The rate and efficiency of the process!!

Reviewed by Erik M A.

My wife does all the finances but this process was seamless just like the last one. Bill is very helpful we never had a minutes problem.

Reviewed by Diana L A.

Bill is so very pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful. All that makes the process so easy! This was not our first refi with him.

Reviewed by Daniel S.

Bill Saunders went above and beyond throughout my entire loan process, I would definitely refer him to a friend or family member if they were refinancing or buying a new home.

Reviewed by David J.

Bill came highly recommended and will continue to be highly recommended. He simplified the process as much as it possibly could be, and it was much appreciated.

Reviewed by Lisa M.

It was easy to refinance and the office helped us every step of the way

Reviewed by Lambro T.

Great experience, care, responsiveness, sticking with this complicated case, accommodating our needs, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Reviewed by Leonidas T.

Cood communication Sticking with complicated case Efforts to accommodate and make it positive experience fir us Accommodating technical limitations of clients Availability responsiveness Thank you!!!

Reviewed by Syed R.

Very professional / Best Advices / Honest

Reviewed by Jennie S.

Bill’s explanations were thorough without being condescending. Everything he said was clear and organized, which helped with the understanding of a complicated process. I can’t imagine there is anyone better!

Reviewed by Jarred A.

Bill was so helpful, knowledgeable, and thorough with his explanations and guidance. He would return communications very quickly. He made the buying process very pleasant and calm. I’ve already recommended Bill and Republic to people. He was outstanding.

Reviewed by Maureen F.

Bill informed me of all my options after considering all my financial information which helped me come up with the best mortgage program for me. He asked several pertinent questions that focused on my finances so he could get me the right loan for my situation. Bill was attentive and provided in my opinion the best advice. I would recommend Bill Saunders to anyone seeking a mortgage or refinance loan.

Reviewed by Ann E.

Bill and Ashley provided great service and info related to my financing. Bill managed my expectations in terms of timing and they were both always responsive to questions. Being able to share and sign docs via a secure site was incredibly helpful too, particularly in these times. I appreciate all of their help. Couldn't have been easier.

Monica Smith / Texas Lonestar Title

I wanted to take a minute and email you regarding the closing from last week. I just wanted to let you know that I am in love with the e-signature closings. It saved me time at the closing table and money because of less documents to print. As busy as everyone is lately, e-signature closings are the way to go. We print mounds & mounds of documents for closings daily. Most average around 150 pages. I printed 60ish pages for this closing. When we are back to back in closings daily, a closing package with 60 pages saves us time in the closing room. Between that and the awesome, quick funding on the file, it was a win-win.

Thanks for making a quick & smooth closing! I hope all lenders take the e-signature closing route soon!!!! 😊

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